Friday, October 14, 2011


AM:PM team member Mark K shows you his daily thoughts, moods, and mentalities through this project, which is why it is titled "Instrumentality". You (the listener) gets to see what goes on through this kid's head by hearing his mentality through instrumentals (if that makes any f***ing sense??) Anyways the tape has all types of beats from gritty south beats, to experimental stuff,  to underground/sample based beats, club bangers, mellow type stuff and more. So check out it below and download it in full and bump that ish everywhere.

***This is a free project released by AM:PM Inc. All tracks were produced and mixed by Mark K himself. Artists and listeners may download the beat tape for free.. pop it in the whip and cruise with the homeys while ciphering, sit back burn one and enjoy the tunes, or if your an artist; record over the instrumentals with your vocals and create a song for your upcoming albums/mixtapes/whatever.. as long as it's non commercial.

Artists using the beats on "Instrumentality" may only use them for PROMOTIONAL/NON PROFITABLE USE. Full / exclusive rights to the instrumentals are still owned by Mark K. (with the exception of these tracks #'s 1,3,5,7,9,12 because they've been purchased exclusively)
Production Credit must be given by artist if any of the selected beats contain no watermark/voice tag/voice signature on them. 

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