Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hey guys, it's been a while since I've updated this page as far as information and the beat store.. I have tons of new beats for sale and you can check them out @ With that being said it has also been a VERY long time since I have released a project, for a while I was venturing out into different genres such as drum n bass, dubstep, electronic trap, etc; as well as learning how to DJ/mix.. I will be dropping some mixes on my soundcloud in the near future with all original tracks, from an experimental trap mix, dnb, and chill trap.. I also am working on 2-3 projects at the moment; all 3 off them instrumental beat tapes.. I am trying my hardest to release the main one by new year of 2017 which is titled "GEMINI; The Duality Theory" which is a 13 track instrumental ep which is divided into 2 main sections. The 1st half tracks 1-6 have a very uplifting vibe / 'happy' and mellow feel... the 7th track is a transition track that brings the listener to the dark side of the tape which is tracks 8-13 — these beats have an ethereal dark vibe with a lot more energy in them. The point of the project is to take the listener on an audible journey through my mind; through the highs and the lows and the ups and downs. I am still deciding if this will be free or not. I may try to put it up on i-tunes as well as bandcamp for $7.11.. for those who are artists wiho do purchase this tape they will be able to use the instrumentals for non profitable use and leasing licenses(see below) . (Emcee's, vocalist, background for film etc).. The other 2 projects are "Experimentalism" (which is pretty much done) is an instrumental tape of me venturing into new styles and blending genres together from hip hop to electronic, my first attempts at drum n bass (liquid and hardstyle), dubstep, and some weird ass hip hop beats. The 3rd project will be part II of my "instrumentality" series where the listener gets a showcase of my versatility when it comes to music production. Stay tuned I will have more details.. As far as youtube content I haven't been loading due to issues of them not wanting to give me my ad sense privileges back due to a bs claim... So I finally made a new one @;


 Also I have started a new digital media company where I will be offering more than just audio services.. everything from custom logo design, web/graphic design, social media management and marketing, etc.. After doing it for a few people and getting good feedback I figured why not keep doing it. I have been studying and practicing adobe muse (fairly new webdesign program from Adobe) as well as other programs for digital media creation..

— this layout on the new site will everntually take over this one on here... keep in mind that the site is still under heavy construction... 

Until next time, stay positive, stay active, and keep the good vibrations going... stay away from energy vampires and if ya cant build w/ em ya cant chill w/ em... 

- MARK K MUZIK over -n- out.

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